Planning For a Garden

We have scheduled many big plans for our first year of property ownership. We have been busy cleaning all the buildings, and making them into usable workspaces. The first, and most important of our major projects is to create a garden space! To do this we will need to clear lots of gravel, and build soil on top of the Virginia red clay from scratch. 

In the above photo, the graveled area to the left and in front of the gravel pile is the future site of our garden! We have been working to remove the gravel by manually scraping with square shovels. A good bit of work! We have also laid down a grid of our future gardening spaces with masonry twine, and begun to place the gravel that we remove in the areas that will be our pathways. 

To prevent our red clay base from erosion, we have placed some of the small trees that we have cleared around the edges, and built fences with others. Using these fences to retain yard debris, we are filling the future garden areas with leaves, old mulch, and food scraps. The hope is that over the season they will decompose providing us with rich garden soil. 

In the upcoming weeks we are planning a serious earth moving operation with a skid steer tractor that will really jump start the soil building process. Until then.