Concrete Work - Footers and Walls

To get the concrete in for our house before the raw hole in the ground got to soggy (fall/winter is not the best time of year to build!) we hired a professional. He came with a crew and a pump truck, and all of our concrete was in before Thanksgiving. Whew! 

First, our footers were framed out to level, and then they were dug to the correct depth. The footers will support all of the load bearing walls, posts, and chimney within the house. 

To get the footers poured, a pump truck came out. This took all of about 20 minutes once the concrete arrived. 

Once the footers were poured and leveled rebar was inserted to come up out of the concrete vertically. The following week, The guys came back with frames for pouring our walls. The frames were built up, and rebar woven all inside the frames. The bathroom Window was framed out within the frame, and sleeves were put through the walls for our water and electric supplies. The frames came off of the 'green' concrete the day after pouring, and a waterproofing tar was applied by spray, followed by insulation in the form of rigid foam.